Drywall Repair

We can patch, repair, texture and restore your drywall to its original appearance. Our skilled craftsmen have many years of experience in dealing with all types of patch work conditions from water damage, foundation movement, pets, nail pops and general damage. When we have completed your project your drywall patches will be virtually undetectable. We usually can finish your drywall repair in one day. Our Drywall services include the following... 

Houston Drywall RepairWater Damage

Water damage can be caused by the cooling unit, roof leaks, toilets, water heaters, sinks, showers, washers, and even pipes. Some of the most difficult and time consuming repairs can come from water damage due to drying time. Delaying these repairs can cause even more damage such as mold and rotting. 

Popcorn Texture Removal

Popcorn ceiling texture was very popular is the late 70's and 80's. Removing popcorn ceiling texture is a fairly simple process.  Removing the dated material and re-texturing can increase property values and offers you a modern look.

Remodeling - Additions 

Do you want to drywall an addition, add or remove a wall, remove some wood paneling?  When it comes to installing drywall on your remodel project, we can do just about anything. We also install wall and ceiling insulation.


We can either remove your existing wallpaper or seal and float over. If you have already taken off your wallpaper and you could not get all of it off or you damaged the drywall, we can still seal and float the damage you caused and make it look as good as new.


From light splatter texture, orange peel, knock down, stomps, old world, spray and custom hand trowel textures we will match all surfaces and restore them to their original look. 


We can paint after the drywall repairs are complete providing you have the matching paint onsite.  If not, we can provide you a quote for painting the repairs or entire rooms. Drywall Repair Houston.