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Guide to Selecting Wood Flooring

Part Two

We are continuing our two-part series on what to look for when selecting wood flooring. At Houston Remodeling, our goal is to educate our clients on available options and help them make the best decision for their commercial or home remodeling project. Our previous article discussed different types of wood flooring. This article will touch on laminate and adhesive.

The “Laminate” Lie

Many big box stores and questionable remodeling contractors try to pass off laminate flooring as actual wood flooring. Laminate is not real wood. It is essentially a picture of wood on a layered backing that could be made of plastic, rubber, or some other material. The beauty and durability of solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring are unmatched in comparison to laminate. Additionally, laminate has such a thin wear layer that you are lucky if it lasts 4-5 years before needing to be replaced. As a reputable design-build contractor, we do not recommend or install laminate flooring. As a replacement for Laminate, we offer several LVT – Luxury Vinyl Plank floorings.


It’s important to use a quality, safe adhesive when installing an engineered floor. As an example, you might want to Check this glue out, if interested. Most home remodeling contractors choose to use the cheapest adhesive they can get. This can result in problems later on, and also may not be the safest product for you and your family. Therefore, before the start of the project, you can let your contractors know of your requirements. Thereby, you could save your money in the long run.

Houston Remodeling prides itself on sourcing the best suppliers for all of our commercial and home remodeling projects. We proudly use Bostik’s GREENFORCE Advanced Tri-Linking™ Adhesive and Moisture Control Membrane. GreenForce has antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew on the cured membrane and features superior bonding capabilities, moisture vapor control and protection, and zero VOC content.

Houston Remodeling is owned and operated by Tim Lassiter, a second-generation Master Trim Carpenter whose keen eye and attention to detail will help ensure your home renovations are completed with the quality and care you deserve. We are available to oversee your entire home remodeling project. If you are interested in do-it-yourself (DIY) options, we will consult with you on the type of flooring that will best suit your needs and order the materials you need to make your DIY project a success! This is a service many home remodeling contractors do not offer. Give Houston Remodeling a call today!

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What to Look for When Selecting Wood Flooring

Part One

There are many options when it comes to wood flooring and it is often difficult for the average consumer to decide what options are best for their needs. A quality design build contractor like Houston Remodeling will sit down with you and discuss which options best suit your home remodeling project.

The first part of our series on selecting wood flooring will discuss the differences between the two most common types: solid and engineered.

Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered

Solid hardwood flooring is composed of real hardwood boards that are nailed or stapled over a wood subfloor or nailed to screed boards (companies similar to ones providing floor screeding london could be contacted for this) set in tar over concrete. Solid wood flooring can be re-sanded usually 4-5 times in its average 100 plus year lifespan for a fresh new look.

Engineered wood flooring is composed of real hardwood over an engineered plywood base. This type of flooring can be glued down over concrete or a recommended wood subfloor. Engineered wood flooring is the same solid wood flooring of the same species but is less susceptible to warping and cupping. It has the same durability for high traffic commercial use (i.e. hotels, shopping centers, etc.) and perfect for residential applications as well.

Houston Remodeling offers both solid and engineered wood flooring through our trusted supplier, Mirage Floors. Mirage also has a third option of wood flooring that they call “Lock”. This is constructed with real hardwood boards and high density fiber core. The boards essentially “lock” into place. We offer this wood flooring option as well.

Unlike many remodeling contractors who conduct their consultations over the phone or at their office, Houston Remodeling will sit down with you and conduct a personal on-site consultation. We bring flooring samples, discuss options and help you choose the best wood flooring for your home remodeling project. Give us a call today!

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Home Renovations – Mirage Hardwood Floors

One of our goals as your design build contractor is to provide you with advice and relevant information to help you select the best products for your home remodeling project.  Many home remodeling contractors try to push products that have larger profit margins.  At Houston Remodeling, we want to make sure your selections fit your lifestyle and budget.  Your satisfaction is our top priority.

When it comes to home remodeling, we are proud to offer the quality, value, selection and longevity of Mirage Hardwood Floors.  This gorgeous flooring is designed and manufactured in North America.  It is eco-friendly and comes with a 35-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Mirage offers a variety of grades for your home remodeling project.  As your design build contractor, we sit down and discuss the different grades and show you samples so you can make an informed decision about what will best serve your needs both now and in the future.

Let’s take a look at different grades of hardwood flooring:

Character Grade

Character grades of hardwood flooring offer the look of nature and feature unlimited natural characteristics such as color variation, knots, mineral streaks, cracks, surface holes and milling marks.  Species include Maple, Red Oak, Hickory, Yellow Birch, White Oak and Walnut.

Exclusive Grade

Exclusive grades of hardwood flooring offer a range of color variation, often with pronounced and nuanced coloration.  Species include Maple, Red Oak, Yellow Birch and White Oak.

Select and Better Grades

Select and Better grades of hardwood flooring feature the most uniform natural coloration.  These grades are often lighter than Character and Exclusive grades. Species include: Maple, Red Oak and Yellow Birch.

Don’t trust just any home remodeling contractor with your home renovation project.  The experts at Houston Remodeling have more than two decades of experience helping discerning homeowners achieve the look of their dreams.  Give us a call today!